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    Papa Rewards
  • Customers will be awarded 1 Papa point for every BHD 2 spent. So a bill of BHD 5.6 will attract 2 Papa Points. A bill of 11.990 will attract 5 Papa points.
  • When a customer registers for Papa Rewards (provision for registering is there in the application) he or she will immediately get 5 bonus point without spending along with points of purchase.
  • Customers will not get Papa Rewards Point during Half Price promotion for take away. However, they will get points if they order home delivery at full price.

Redeeming your Papa Rewards Points for FREE*:

  • Once the customer accumulates 15PAPA Reward Point, he or she is eligible for Redemption. 25PAPA points may be redeemed for any Large Pizza from the menu (FREE); 20PAPA Points may be redeemed for any Medium Pizza from the menu (FREE) and 15PAPA Points may be redeemed for any Small Pizza from the menu (FREE).
  • Sign into your online account and click on Papa's FREE PIZZA Meter to order your FREE SMALL PIZZA or enter 15PAPA in the promo code field, FREE MEDIUM PIZZA or enter 20PAPA in the promo code field, or FREE LARGE PIZZA or enter 25PAPA in the promo code field on the Order Now page.
  • Delivery Charge will apply on redeemed pizza delivery order.
  • There is no restriction on redemption except that it can't be used within another promotion - for example, if there is an offer of buy a Large and Get another Large at Half Price, the first pizza can't be a redemption pizza.
  • Redemption is suspended during Papa John's Pizza's exclusive Customer Appreciation Days when everything is at Half Price. ie system will have the ability to mark a period, when redemption is suspended.

Important Information:

  • Earned and redeemed Papa Rewards Points are deposited and removed the next business day following the completed order. For future orders, Papa Rewards Points do not become available for use until the next business day following the completed order.
Signup for Papa Rewards to earn 5 Bonus points along with points of Purchase

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*Delivery charges applicable